Wireless temperature probe that allows the measurement of temperatures in horizontal stores of grain, individual silos or small groups of silos. The probes transmit the collected information to mobile devices (Smartphone, tablet) through a Bluetooth connection, thus avoiding the installation of wiring. Each probe incorporates several sensors (up to a maximum of 10) which allows the temperature to be monitored at different points of the stored cereal. The data of the temperatures can be consulted by means of a mobile device at the installation. In addition, by installing one or more scanning nodes, it is possible to access the data from any device connected to the Internet by means of a Web application.

There are two models of wireless temperature probe:

  • Model VIATERBLE-L: in this case the probe is a spear formed by a fiberglass tube, an aluminum tip and a plastic handle. This model is intended to be inserted at any point of the stored grain and its location can be changed depending on the needs of the installation.

  • VIATERBLE-V Model: The sheath model is designed for individual silos or small groups of silos. The probes with the temperature sensors are hung on top of the silo. No wiring is required as the probes are powered by a battery.