ViaGestCont, is a platform for the management and reproduction in HD of multimedia contents schedules (videos and images). The ViaGestCont system allows you to make multimedia schedule by choosing at what time each content should be played. The platform allows the reproduction of the contents in a flexible way in both small (one or two screens) and large installations (hospitals).

The ViagestCont Plus system basically consists of two elements:

  • ViagestCont Plus application: software to prepare, edit and publish your own content schedule.

  • Management module: it is a transparent device for the user. Its function is to receive, store and reproduce the contents.

In single-screen installations the management module can be directly connected to the TV through the HDMI input. In installations with 2 or more screens, the contents can be transmitted through the antenna installation or through a LAN. Using several management modules, several multimedia channels can be configured in the same installation.

The ViaGestCont application allows the configuration of the contents schedule in a simple and intuitive way. You can configure two modes:

  • Timed schedule: in this case each of the contents are configured to be played at a specific time

  • Loop schedule: in this case the contents are set to be played sequentially. When the last content is played, the sequence restarts.