Wireless temperature probe that allows measuring temperatures in individual silos or small groupings, and transmits the information to mobile devices via Bluetooth connection.

The VIAMUX system allows remote temperature monitoring in cereal silos. It is a modular system that can be adapted to the needs of any type of installation.

The ViAdhOx system allows monitoring the patient’s adherence to oxygen therapy treatments. It is a powerful tool that allows pulmonologists to know details about the patient’s use of the oxygen source.

ViaConFer allows the centralized and remote control of the wine fermentation process in the cellars. For each tank, it allows to monitor / control the temperature and the filling level, generating an alarm when the predetermined safety limits are exceeded.

ViaGestCont, is a platform for the management and reproduction in HD of multimedia content schedules. ViaGestCont allows you to make multimedia schedules by choosing when each content should be played.

Multimedia platform that offers hospitalized children a series of games and educational applications to make their stay in the hospital more enjoyable. It is an Android-based platform, intuitive, with parental control and a large game library.

ExcomPlus is an early payment system for television service in hospitals, hotels, buildings. EXCOMPlus allows you to automate the prepaid management of the television service in a convenient, economical and simple way.

ExcomPhone is an early payment system for telephone service in hospitals. ExcomPhone allows you to automate the management of prepaid outgoing calls in a convenient and economical way.

ExcomNet is an early payment system for Internet access service through WiFi in hospitals and hotels. ExcomNet allows you to automate the prepaid Internet access service via WiFi in a convenient and economical way.

The machines of the ExcomPlus, ExcomPhone and ExcomNet systems are compatible and with the same machine model all three services can be used. In addition, vending machines can be adapted to manage the prepayment of other services such as cafeteria tickets, laundry, etc.

Hospital entertainment platform based on IPTV technology that makes available to the patient a wide multimedia offer that includes television, radio, video games, interactive games, Internet access and others.