ExcomPlus is an early payment system for television service in hospitals and hotels. ExcomPlus is compatible with ExcomPhone and ExcomNet systems.

The EXCOMPlus system allows you to automate the prepaid management of the television service in a convenient, economical and simple way. The main advantage of ExcomPlus is its easy installation and maintenance. The system is made up of televisions (to which the necessary electronics for credit management have been incorporated) and vending machines, in which the user can acquire the TV credit. No connection is required between the different elements of the system. TVs must have only an antenna connection and a power supply socket; while the vending machines only need a power connection and an Ethernet connection in case remote management is required.

To enjoy the TV service, the user must obtain a ticket with a 9-digit code from a vending machine. Next, the user must activate the credit in his room, by entering the 9-digit code on the TV using the remote control. As long as credit is available, the user can enjoy the contracted services. When credit runs out, the user can only watch the free channels.